Multiple glass panes

Altis-Glass produces:

  • Double glass panes
  • Triple glass panes/span>
  • Quadruple glass panes

 Based on the sealing method, our company produces:

  • multiple glass panes based on polysulfide building sealants that protect the edge of a glass pane against UV radiation;
  • multiple glass panes based on UV-resistant silicone sealants for structural glazing and adhesion.

We manufacture multiple glass panes of any type, with all your wishes taken into account within the framework of DSTU regulations. We offer multiple glass panes of various functionality to implement any of your ideas:

Standard low-emissivity (low-E) multiple glass panes;

The entire territory of Ukraine is conveniently divided into two temperature zones:

Zone I with reduced heat transfer resistance factor of 0.75 m² °С/W;

Zone II with reduced heat transfer resistance factor of 0.6 m² °С/W.

Given the requirements of regulatory documents, we recommend:

  • for Zone I:
    • triple glass panes with one low-E glass of at least И3 class to be installed into plastic structures;
    • triple glass panes with two low-E glasses of at least И3 class to be installed into aluminium structures;
  • for Zone II:
    • double or triple glass panes with one low-E glass of at least И3 class.

Multiple glass panes with specific properties:

– Sun protection glass panes.

– Enamelled glass panes — for opaque bands.

– Safety or impact-resistant glass panes (with a higher protection class).

– Soundproofing glass panes.

Structural multiple glass panes

Structural multiple glass panes feature resistance to UV radiation and a special concealed mount system for glass pane insertion into a façade structure to create a uniform glass structure without any visible clamping elements.


  • Elegant and presentable exterior of the building.
  • Fine exterior of the façade with no clamping straps.
  • Impression of a solid-cast glass wall.
  • The building has a lightweight and airy look.
  • Leak-tightness of the structure.
  • Structures of any shape.

We produce multiple glass panes that conform with various requirements and recommendations for shaped systems, such as Schuco, Reynaers Aluminium, Alumil S.A., Aluprof S.A., Talisman, Alutech, etc., based on UV-resistant silicones.

In addition, we offer inserting multiple glass panes into the Customer’s structure.

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