Multilayer glass (triplex)

Multilayer glass (triplex)

Multilayer glass consists of two or more glass panels and one or more intermediate film layers. Production facilities of Altis-Glass perform horizontal triplexation using EVA film. Triplex production line by LamiFlex (Ukraine) allows manufacturing laminated glass up to 2100 x 3600 mm in size.

The manufacturing technology of triplex glass offers a number of advantages:

  • High strength, durability, reliability.
  • Safety, since such a material cannot be broken by physical force. Even if multilayer glass is broken under a powerful external impact, its splinters will stay glued to the film to exclude injury and damage.
  • Resistance against moisture, high and low temperatures, precipitation, wind gusts, other external forces and impacts.
  • Longevity: laminated glass structures will serve you for a very long time without losing their properties.
  • Improved soundproofing, protection against harmful UV radiation.
  • Use of various machining methods to create products of all shapes and sizes, perform shaped cutting and edge machining in order to make the edge look refined.

Triplex is used where there are increased safety requirements for glass floors, elevator shafts, railings of staircases, stairs, roof lights, suspended ceilings, room dividers and parts of façades. Impact-resistant triplex glass is used for glazing of shops, show-windows, restaurants and other premises.

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