Decorated glass

Decorated glass


Decorated glass includes Smart glass, enamelled glass and glass with silk screen printing и тд.


Electrochromic triplex (Smart- glass)

Innovation in glass industry. Glass with variable transparency can change its optical properties from frosted to transparent. Smart glass consists of two or more glass panels, two intermediate layers of EVA film and liquid crystal film Magic Film.

This glass is intended:

  • for use in architecture, interior design (living rooms and bathrooms: “electrical curtain”);
  • for roofs and façades, walls, partitions, entrance lobbies (boardroom, cashier’s office, workplace, show room);
  • as screen for advertisement projection (advertising panels)


Glass enamelling (painting)

Enamelled glass is tempered toughened glass with ceramide-based coating applied to one of the surfaces, treated with heat to make it durable and have the enamel hold to its surface.

Such glass can be painted in a wide variety of colours and hues that match RAL colours, which allows manufacturing details with stable and repetitive colour, and, once the glass is tempered, enamel that has been fused into its surface becomes an integral whole with the glass.

Enamelled glass produced by our company is manufactured according to TU U 26.1-31280745-001:2011 Special glass. It is used for exterior and interior cladding of buildings and is classified as safety glass.


  • areas of inter-floor structures;
  • wall cladding;
  • partitions;
  • furniture;
  • floors;
  • stairs.

Painted enamelled glass can be used as an individual product for single glazing, as well as within multiple glass panes or multilayer glass.


Glass with silk screen printing

Silk screen printing is a modern type of screen printing based on free paint penetration through holes prepared in the screen. However, while the image in a conventional screen keeps generally integral due to bridges, in a silk screen this function is performed by a net.

This method has been named after a patent on a screen printing process that was issued in 1907 under a title “Silk screen printing”.

We perform silk screen printing using ceramide paints followed by heat treatment of the product.

Screen size is only limited by width of the produced net cloth and size of the printing frame. Equipment used by Altis-Glass LLC allows obtaining the products up to 1000 x 3000 mm in size.


  • High image quality
  • Image repetitiveness
  • Durability
  • Resistance against external mechanical, thermal and weather impacts

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