About Altis Glass

Altis-Glass specializes in working with special types of glass and is a leading company in the architectural glass segment. With modern equipment from top global manufacturers, Altis-Glass has become a leader in Ukraine’s glass tempering and multiple glass panes assembly market.
The company has been working and developing in this industry since 2001, and shows no sign of letting up. Our track record encompasses hundreds of works. We process more than 50 varieties of glass to meet any wishes of our customers.




Tempered glass by Altis-Glass meets the requirements of DSTU B В.2.7-110-2001.


Laminated glass (triplex) by Altis-Glass meets the requirements of DSTU B В.2.7-123-2004.


Multiple glass panes by Altis-Glass meet the requirements of DSTU B EN 1279-1:2013.


Structural multiple glass panes by Altis-Glass meet the requirements of DSTU B EN 1279-1:2013.


Triplex (multilayer glass). Technical regulation TR 23.1-31280745-003-2018.


Multiple glass panes (double, triple and quadruple glass panes). Technical specifications TD 23.1-31280745-001:2016.


Special (enamelled) glass. Technical specifications TU U 23.1-31280745-001:2011.


Altis-Glass production has been certified by Guardian for work with SunGuard and ClimaGuard products.


Based on the production certification results, AGC has issued a certificate that allows reprocessing certain types of architectural glass.


The company has been certified by Dow Corning to manufacture structural multiple glass panes using two-part sealants (secondary sealing), as well as insert multiple glass panes into casements in accordance with international standards and requirements.


We have also obtained a certificate for storage and application of Sika products.


CORPORATION “Guardian Industries”


Guardian Industries — is one of world’s largest manufacturers of float glass and special-purpose fabricated glass products for various industries. The company’s business started in 1932, and so far branch offices of the corporation work on five continents, in 22 countries all over the world.



AGC Glass Europe produces and reprocesses float glass for construction (outdoor glazing and decorative interior glazing), automotive industry, solar energy and various specialized industries. AGC Glass, the world’s largest manufacturer of flat glass, is headquartered in Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium), where its European division is based.  

CORPORATION “Saint-Gobain»


«Сен-Гобен» (Saint-Gobain) – is a world leader in creating comfortable space for people’s dwelling, work and rest. It is among the world’s top 100 major industrial corporations. The company develops innovative solutions for construction, renovation, industry and transport.

OJSC GomelGlass


OJSC GomelGlass – is the only manufacturer of polished flat glass in Belarus, whose products are in demand both in the domestic market and in the markets of near and far-abroad countries. GomelGlass is a powerful modern advanced enterprise that covers the total Belarus demand for construction and rebuilding glass as well as supplies these products to CIS countries, the European Union and Turkey.



NSG Group, manufacturer of Pilkington-branded flat glass, is among the world’s largest suppliers of glass and glass products to construction and automotive markets. Renowned for its outstanding technological advancements, including invention of float process, Pilkington brand has become synonymous with craftsmanship and innovative approach in production of flat glass.



A wide variety of Fenzi. sealants allows creating insulating glazing with unlimited printing that does not degrade over time. Every product has become an industry leader, and yet Fenzi never quits its research in order to continually improve its performance. Along with various polysulfide, polyurethane, butyl and hot melt sealants, Fenzi offers aluminium and combined glazing shapes, as well as heat-insulated edge shapes manufactured at Alu-Pro and Rolltech plants and sold throughout the world by Glass Alliance network. The range is supplemented by specific molecular sieves for moisture adsorption.



Sika Ukraine sells Sika brand products in Ukraine. The materials are manufactured at European plants and are supplied directly from stock in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and other EU countries. Main sales channels comprise direct sales for particular projects and plants, as well as dealership networks.

“Dow Corning”


Dow Corning is your international partner in the field of construction that offers silicone joint sealants, various products and services designed to meet your individual needs in this industry. Silicone materials from Dow Corning are more durable in any weather conditions compared to organic materials; they protect the building for 3 times as long as organic materials. Dow is now a 100 % owner of Dow Corning Corporation.



Rolltech is currently focused on development of new improved Chromatech products, and has launched production of heat-insulated stainless steel spacer frames. These are casually called “warm edges”. This new technology has resulted in further expansion in the European market.

“Hornos Industriales Pujol, S.A.”


Hornos Industriales Pujol, S.A. has been producing consumables, such as films for glass lamination and glass furnaces, since 1911. Full cycle of customer interaction: from consulting and supply to service and continuous customer support.

“Print Glass”


Print Glass was established in 2001, and initially functioned as a representative office of an Italian glass paint manufacturer. In a short while, the company launched its own production of ceramic paints used in glass tempering and forming. The company manufactures ceramic paints designed for glass decoration using different techniques, such as silk screening, painting with a roller machine, spraying or manual painting.



Remmers is a specialist in waterproofing and polymeric coatings. Remmers glass painting systems offer a simple and inexpensive method of stylish glass presentation.


We offer only top-quality certified products made of raw products and materials from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers. We use more than 50 brand names of glass produced by world’s top manufacturers at modern high-tech facilities in our production process to ensure reliability and longevity.

Our employees are always ready to answer any questions and assist in choosing suitable products, taking into account individual needs of each customer.

The company’s highly experienced management team is able to tackle organizational issues in a prompt and reliable manner, as well as serve the customers at the highest level.

We appreciate the value of time, so we aspire to fulfil your orders as expeditiously as possible with strict adherence to deadlines.

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